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When you’re developing a new lot, you need an excavation company that will come to you – no matter where in Texas you are. Luckily, On-Site Excavation & Dirtwork serves clients in Eustace, TX and beyond. Our skilled crew will bring all the necessary equipment to your location, taking care of the details so you don’t have to.

Speak with a pro from our excavation company now by calling 469-275-8766. We can answer your questions and help you strategize.

Land Clearing

You have a vision for your overcrowded land, and we want to help you bring it to life. That's why Winn's Land Clearing LLC provides residential and commerical lot clearing services in Eustace, Dallas, and Henderson County. We'll use our dozers, excavators, and other heavy machinery to remove trees, tree stumps, root systems, underbrush, and any other debris efficently.


You're excited to start your new construction project, but there's a fairly large problem sitting at your property: the old structure. Our team at Winn's Land Clearing LLC can take care of that. Whether its a single or double wide trailer, or a little shed we can take care of it. Call us today to find out our demolition services can help homeowners, business owners, and contractors throughout the east texas area.

Tree Removal

Maybe a large tree's hazardous branches are hanging dangerously over your home, driveway, or powerline. Maybe you need to remove an entiretree to make room for your new construction project. Either way, the pros at Winn's Land Clearing LLC are here to help. Trust us to provide top-notch tree and hazardous branch removal services in Eustace, Dallas, or Athens,Tx.

Debris Removal

Preparing a property for new residents can be time-consuming, especially if the building is filled with junk. That's where we come in. At Winn's Land Clearing LLC comes in. Whether homeowners move out or tenants are kicked out of a residence, we'll provide debris cleanup. Don't worry we come prepared to handle any job with our equipment.


For more information on our company, our services, or to schedule a free assessment and quote of your next project, contact our team today.